Prologue - By the light of a Firefly and the shadow of a Moth



When Firefly- (at least, they assumed it was her name, it was the only thing they remembered)- awoke, there was a Hivewing peering down at her. 


She startled, jolting up from their comfortable bed nestled into a dark, damp wall... only to hit her head on the low ceiling, a hiss growing from her throat, her glowing throat. 


"We've got one awake!" The Hivewing chirps, his ashen scales seeming to meld out of the comfortable blackness that surrounded her.


"Oh- how happy I am to see you!" He continues, a grin plastered across his face, where small, silvery freckles lay- and Firefly noted that it was likely that they could only see the freckles because of how close the strange dragon was getting. 


The dragon's blue eyes glued themselves to her throat, and another sharp laugh whistled out of him. "And we've got a glower too! Oh, joyous days for us!" 


Firefly, still reeling, blinked owlishly at the Hivewing. 




"Cou-" She started, feeling out the area around themselves, her glowing throat pulsing with a dim golden light every few seconds.


The ashen Hivewing gasps, as if noticing how rude he was earlier, although Firefly hadn't noticed, rather more concerned with making sure every part of themselves still existed. 


"My apologies, dragon!" He barks out, before quickly stilling himself.


"I- I, uh, I- I mean, my name's Convolvulus, and I'm the guardian of these parts," He- no, Convolvulus, says, wincing when he stutters. "...but of you want, you can just call me Convo! I know my name's a bit of a mouthful," Convo laughs again, attempting to be softer than before, although it still has the hearty quality. 


"What tribe?" They eventually try, shaking her head. 



The ashen Hivewing tilts his head, almost cutely. "Mothwing- the daughter tribe of the now extinct Nightwings and Hivewings?.." Convo blinks, letting the awkward silence fill the small cavern.


"I have Amnesia," Firefly blurts out, stifling the silence in even more awkwardness. 


"Oh!- Uh," He shuffles on his talons. "should... should I do a rundown of the tribes?" 


They let out a breath they didn't know they were holding. "Please," She answers, frowning slightly at the quality of it that screaming that they were begging the strange Mothwing. 

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This is really good!

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I really like it! Good job!

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im just thinking, "I wonder who firefly is..." then this happens "I have Amnesia!" and now im like Welp im Firefly.

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Great job! Can’t wait to see how this story goes!

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