Here’s two.


1: This year, the Hunger Games have gone from fantasy to reality, you are one of the 24 chosen to participate this year. The arena is mostly forest, with a river that runs around it like a ring. In this scenario, impressing the judges or everyone else does not affect you, you cannot receive gifts from those outside the arena, and those running the Hunger Games cannot control where or when events such as fire happen.

What is your strategy?


2: The zombie apocalypse has begun, unfortunately for you, it started in your school/workplace/other place. You spot someone biting people and those bitten behaving as oddly as them. You flee, in this scenario, you manage to save two other people, and flee to an abandoned house nearby (why is it abandoned? Idk you can make up your own reason), inside is a working sink, some canned food, and a broom. There is a shopping center nearby that has multiple things that could help you survive, but you only have $120 so you must use it wisely, inside the shopping centre is a Woolworths, a sports shop with all kinds of sports gear and a weapons shop. Now for the two you managed to bring along, one is good with directions and reading maps, the other is much stronger than the two of you, you have good eyesight and hearing, and are the most nimble. You have roughly 24 hours until the zombies break out and invade the area you’re in. In this scenario once they invade, the shopping centre will be abandoned.

What will you do?




There is no right or wrong answer to these

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1 Sit in a corner and cry until I win or lose.

2 Might as well buy something we’ve always wanted, the chances of surviving are so low we might as well enjoy the last day 

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