I really want to go over to homebase and newsfeed so I can talk with my old friends and not lose them :(



 "Lost connection to room, returning to main menu"



I reallllllllllllllllly want to stay with my friends but removing the forums/not fixing this bug will ruin everything.

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I hope the standalone version we'll make over the summer will work for you. I know that's not helpful in the immediate future, but that should help you meet your friends again after a bit.


I have a few other questions:

-Are you able to connect your PC to an ethernet connection if it's not already? We can't rely on everyone being able to connect to ethernet so you shouldn't *have* to do this, but until we make optimizations it may help you connect.

-Do you play any other online games and in general, do they run well for you? 


Also I saw your Final Goodbyes thread. I was thinking of going by Bee-cky B over the summer so you're pretty spot on with Becky Bee hahaha. How'd you guess?? I hope it won't be a Final Goodbye forever, and more like a "see you later." 


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