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  "We arnot doing get help."


       "We don't want to change,

 We just want to change everything!"


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That was...descriptive.

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 "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?"


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"i was lost and was afraid, i believed all of their lies, i believed that i was safe, and that i would never die, now I'm alone, ive been hiding in the dark, i just want to go home, but my deeds send me to far" - from the song afton family

I know right but their are actually quite a few that don't try Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Reba, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Kenny Rogers. These are the few famous ones that you won't no can't find anyone who can match them.


Bill Ray Cryrus and Dolly Parton ft. Romeo

From Here to the Moon and back ft. Dolly and Willie

The Grammys this year listen to whole thing to hear a Kacey, Katey, & Dolly ft. A Jolene with Dolly and Miley ft. and after the gold rush another Dolly and Miley. Don't worry their very good together. Also the popstar believe it or not is the goddaugter of Dolly Parton the singer who has written over was it 3000 songs I think. Reba is literally you will not find anyon like her to except me I can somewhat mimic her voice but not really and only with her songs. Kelly is Reba's daughter in law. Their good together especially with the song because of you. and Kenny is Dollys friend. Try You can't make old friends and Is it real over. Then from the movie Beethoven as song called The day I fell in Love is my fav more of a between country and pop song. It is by Dolly and James Ingram. Probably the best one other then after the gold rush and from here to the moon and back. Also Rocking Years is good. A Hard candy christmas and Big Rock Candy Mountain which I mistook for a song with Paul Bunyan buliding sugar plum mountains. Have fun if you check these out I promise you won't find better country anywhere also Dolly is 73 yrs young and still going strong with some of the best.

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The Big Rock Candy Mountain

"Princess Inferno"


"Animus; Thrice Moon Born; Venom; Camouflage"

"Queen Glory x Death-bringer"

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Somsay stange

Some say odd

I say child of the Living God