I remember stumbling into this place, it looked fun, then I remembered I still had a scholastic account from 2013, and that's when I began my online life as a forumer.

I remember attempting to enter roleplays (my inactivity was an issue then and is still an issue now) and that being how I spended most of my time here, I haven't interacted with many people on here outside of roleplays (with a few exceptions), but despite that, these message boards were where I interacted with people online the most (outside of games like Splatoon 2, Roblox, etc).

In the year (not counting this year) I've been here, I've been able to keep my mind off unplesant things due to the forums, and thus I'm glad this ever existed and sad this is going.

I don't hate Becky or anyone in Scholastic and I understand why they would make this decision, one reason I can think of at the top of my head is that combining all the message boards into one would make it easier to manage, as they wouldn't have to go to a specific forum for one problem, and then another forum for another, it would also allow those that hardly interact with those from other forums to finally interact with forumers from said forums. There's probably many other reasons (like Phill's many colds), but I don't own a online messaging board so I probably couldn't tell you much.


I'll be one of the many that join the migration to Home Base, and I already have a list of what I wish to do


1: Interact more 

2: Stop being inactive on roleplays

3: Repost a lot of stuff, such asTravellers (I ended up stopping for a while after hearing the news about the forums being torn to mircoscopic shreds soon)

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I'm glad you're coming to Home Base - you seem really cool - but I'm sad that the forums are ending like this. I'm going to miss them.

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