So... I am an alt. I feel like I would get embarrassed and you would think less of me if I posted this on my main account. 

But, uh, I feel like I overreact to everything. I h8 it, but I think I do. Just the other day my teacher talked to the class about getting our grade slip signed and how half of us didn't, and I burst into tears because I didn't get it signed. 

I can't flipping control my emotions, and I start crying for the silliest reasons. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. So, uh, can I get some advice or something? This is probably a silly idea that won't even go through the filter, but I don't really know how I can stop overreacting.

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Don't think we'll ever "think less of you", because we won't. Okay, now to get to the actual content:


You aren't necessarily overreacting, because that's your personal reaction. It's not really anything to be embarrassed over, either. I personally think it means you have a strong sense of responsibility, and feeling irresponsible makes you stressed and emotional in that way. I don't think anything's wrong with you--it's just the way you feel and react is different, just like every other one of us. (I cry during documentaries of wars and fights and stuff like that; I personally think it's overreacting sometimes too, but then again, it's just my way of dealing with things like that.)




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It’s okay- you don’t have to hide behind an alt, nobody’s going to look down on you, and there’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed, because a lot of us will have already gone through this. I find it much easier to keep my emotions in check if my schedule isn’t crammed to the brim- not saying that this is causing your problems, but the added stress can’t possibly help. I’d recommend you talk to someone IRL about this- they’ll be able to help you find what’s causing this so it’ll be easier to fix!

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Everyone has problems; we're not going to think any less of you for having them :)


As far as overrreactions: they're your emotions, and you shouldn't feel bad for having them. Everyone handles things differently, and some people are more emotional/animated than others.


And just because you start crying over little things doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. It could mean that you just care a lot. You could be stressing yourself out without realizing it and when something small goes wrong, it all comes flooding out. Emotions build up, and then if something little taps that wall that you've trapped your emotions and worries behind, the dam breaks.  You might just be a frustration crier (like I am).


What helps is different for everyone, but I've been trying to evaluate the situation to see if this is really something worth getting upset about, or if I can take this as a "yeah, I messed up this time, so next time I'll know better" thing. In the latter case, I try to talk myself down and breathe. (By the way, a good breathing trick I use is inhaling for 4 seconds, holding my breath for 7, exhaling for 8, and repeating as many times as needed.) Sometimes, though, it's good to just let yourself cry. Talk to someone about what's bothering you. Make sure not to overwork yourself, and cut yourself a little slack here and there.

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❁ Don't worry. Most of my friends are like that. Take a deep breath and breath. If you lose a friend because of this, they were never a true friend. If this effects you in grades, happiness, whatever, get help. You are fine and please, take this advice. ❁

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