I figured the end of the forums were coming, but I hadn't accounted on it happening so soon. While yes, I'm been rather inactive as of late (due to multiple reasons), there was a time where I needed to force myself off of the forums because of the amount of time I would spend on them.


Now, before I mention anything else, I'm going to just say this: I probably will be on Newsfeed and Home Base. But will I be active? No, probably not, unfortunately. In fact, it's likely that I may abandon this place, which is why I'm going to be saying my goodbyes and wishes now.


In no particular order:


@Candy: You were probably one of my closest friends on here. Both you and I have been inactive recently, but I'll never forget the times we talked on our homethreads. Roleplaying with the squad and Viola was really fun -- I enjoyed the chemistry of your group. I don't remember if December's Story was ever finished, but I loved your writing and the ideas you had.


@Vine: You're probably one of the kindest, most entertaining people that I've talked to. Being able to talk to you despite the timezone difference was such a joy, and I loved to hear (or rather, read) your rambles on your homethreads. Seriously, reading your posts almost every morning before school last year really did brighten my day at least a little bit.


@Enchanted: In the fall/winter season of 2017, I looked up to you a lot, and in all honesty, I still do. I think I've mentioned this before, but when I read through your NDRV3 commentary thread despite not knowing anything about Danganronpa, you very literally changed my life by indirectly introducing me to the series, which was the foundation for one of my closest friendships irl. Your ideas, art, and writing skills are all incredible, and so are you.

@Riri: I know you've been slightly inactive as of late, but I just want to say you're an amazing person. You've been incredibly positive and kind, and I really look up to you in terms of being supportive. Thanks for all those advice threads, rps, and stories. I'll probably be left to wonder the ending of Rhythm Access for years (at least months) to come, but I enjoyed it.


@Moonflight: Without a doubt, you're probably the person I'd say is the most fun to roleplay with. I always enjoyed reading through your character and roleplay ideas, and I admired how you always managed to push whatever roleplay it was to its limits. Your homethread is one of my favorites, and I really wish we were able to talk more.


@Specter/Bixbite: We haven't talked very much as of late, but I want you to know that you're amazing and an incredible artist. I know I probably sound incredibly redundant at this point, but talking to you was a joy.


@Clever, @Cleaver, @Necromancer, @Vulcantus, @Time, @Galaxian, and @Eureka: All of you guys are great people, and while I haven't been able to talk to all of you very much, I just want you to know that I'll probably miss you guys if I do in fact leave. Sure, we may not talk, but I read what you guys post, and that's what I'll miss.


@Anyone not here: I probably haven't interacted with you much, but know that as I've been inactive, that probably doesn't mean much. You're great -- don't let anyone, especially not yourself, tell you otherwise.


And if I do leave or vanish mysteriously: I wish everyone the best of luck in life. Accomplish your goals, and make sure to take care of yourself. 


- Autumn Librarian :) Kudos to you if you're reading this message. I'm going to confess that I have an alt. It's mintychocolate65, or the account that goes by the nickname 'Choco-Minty'. I'm not too sure why I created that account, but I'm suprised nobody has figured it out.

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Goodbye. I never knew you that well, but I still remember seeing you around. You're a kind, wonderful person, and I hope life treats you well.

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^ These two have been and will be up here till the day we're gone.


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remember the lost. that's what matters.





Goodbye, and good luck. 

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@Autumn - Thank you so so much! Hearing (reading?) those compliments from you mean the world to me; I greatly admire and value you and your opinion. It is very satisfying to know that I've been able to give you enjoyment! I completely agree that we should've talked more, as it is with most relationships. I am very grateful to have known you through the forums, and to have experienced your own roleplays, creativity, and companionship. I regret that I couldn't have known you for longer (I mean, I kind of will? but you aren't going to be as active on NF, soo...), but I am very happy that I was at the very least able to be acquainted with you in the first place. Thank you, not just for your kind words, but for making the WoFMB a fun and appealing place that I have come back to, time and time again, and will continue to on HB. Good luck in life, and may you look back on this fondly. And you were Choco-Minty? I am pretty awful at guessing alts, and with so many people coming out w/ who they also were, I am continually befuddled!

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I’m not sure what to say except thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I consider you someone that’s always been there for me, and I’m really glad to have gotten to know you better over the year and that I was able to do something for you 

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A secret place for me and you

Where everyday was fun and new

A simple time played in our heads

Well tell this story again

Refreshing, isnt it?

Lets breathe the air, try not to cry

Its time to say our goodbyes


I hope I can see you somewhere else. Thank you for putting up with what I post. That's an accomplishment, my friend. :D




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im really really happy that you felt happy when you read through my threads!!!!! i loved reading through yours too! even though i'm probably never going to actually watch a xenoblade playthrough just reading you talk about it was Really Good

i love u op take care of yourself from here on out,,,,

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and you find out you don't have to be happy at all

to be happy you're alive


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Bye Autumn, I hope you have an awesome amazing life because you're a great person. It was fun knowing you (albeit not too well) but I remember when we were both kinda just chilling on Vine's homethreads. It was fun.

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...Sanetra ate this part of my siggy


On the plus side, you passed the course. Unfortunately, you broke my floor. Again. -Trainer







It's been an honour.

you too!! forum roleplays with our characters were so much fun, maybe we can do more of those on HB in the future :)

summer's december was never finished, but i might work on it in the future, who knows

good luck and best wishes to you, autumn!!

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@Lupa and @Oncilla: Thank you, and you too.


@Moonflight: ^^ ahah tbh I'm not surprised. Choco-Minty was a rather quiet account, but usually whenever I just felt like talking a break from using my main account I would resort to it. It feel inactive due to the fact that one point, I no longer felt the need to have that extra mask

I'm confessing to it since I doubt nobody would have ever guessed that was the case


@Chanty: I'm glad that I've at least been some support to you

ack this is going to sound really awkward since I'm not sure what to say but I want you to know that I didn't just skip your post


@Galaxian: No problem! It's actually a pleasure to read your posts, they always feel refreshing


@Vine: nooooo don't cry that wasn't my intent

but aaa thank you! I loved my Xenoblade thread even though I became really behind in the updates after a certain point and I'm glad you liked to read it! 

ily too! take care!


@Lector: same to you! 


@Candy: alright! 

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    Autumn  [Librarian]

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"If you make a mistake and do not

correct it, that is a second mistake."

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